5 Series Tractors

This series provides high performance and increased profitability.

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Luis López Maquinaria Agrícola S.L.

Farm and agricultural machinery.

We set out to provide a service to the Campo de Cartagena(Spain) farming community over thirty years ago. That initial objective is now second nature to us. Our sustained commitment has helped us consolidate our activity locally and extend it to clients further afield.

Our industrial premises include offices, showrooms, an extensive workshop and a spare parts department.

At present we have a wide-ranging stock of new and used tractors and implements of different makes and models for sale. We also have a large workshop, spare parts and fitting departments and after-sales services.

Our company is at the disposal of the farming sector at all times. Our clients are essentially our biggest investment and the professional relationship we maintain with them is our major success.

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LLM Tractors Services

Tractor vehicles, implements, spare parts and equipment for agriculture.

LLM Tractors Services

Our company is specialized in the sale and repair of agricultural machinery. We are experts on John Deere.


We are focused on the sale of new or second-hand John Deere tractors as well as implements. Our speciality is the sale of second-hand John Deere tractors.


Variety for every kind of work, different minimum deadlines depending on the location and free of maintenance charges (damages due to inappropriate use or accident NOT included.)


In our company we are constantly committed to solve our client's daily problems and issues.

Repair shop

We perform every kind of repair for John Deere’s tractors (motors, hydraulic, electric…) as well as repairing of implements in our workshop.

Spare parts

We have an extensive inventory of spare parts for John Deere together with hydraulic spare parts and wear parts for agricultural implements.

We highlight the following among our tractors

You can find new, second-hand tractors and tractors for rent.

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    We started providing service to the agriculture of Cartagena’s lands over thirty years ago. This is a deep-rooted tradition in our company. We have achieved to establish our company thanks to our effort.