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Luis López Maquinaria Agrícola, S.L. Farm and agricultural machinery, including tractors and implements, spares and equipment.

We set out to provide a service to the Campo de Cartagena(Spain) farming community over thirty years ago. That initial objective is now second nature to us. Our sustained commitment has helped us consolidate our activity locally and extend it to clients further afield.


Our industrial premises include offices, showrooms, an extensive workshop and a spare parts department.

At present we have a wide-ranging stock of new and used tractors and implements of different makes and models for sale. We also have a large workshop, spare parts and fitting departments and after-sales services.

Our company is at the disposal of the farming sector at all times. Our clients are essentially our biggest investment and the professional relationship we maintain with them is our major success.

Our workshop and repair services provide a guarantee for our customers and the professional attitude of our technical staff ensures quick and effective standards of quality in our work.

Luis López Maquinaria Agrícola S.L. was established more than thirty years ago. It is presently directed by its original founder and his sons and it is always at the disposal of the local farming community, guaranteeing Quality, Innovation, Integrity and Commitment.

The company’s mission is to provide solutions for the farming industry in terms of products and services of the highest quality and advanced technology. We maintain an effective workforce with which we can provide assurance and better long-term returns for our clients.

The company’s vision is to be at the top of its market rating and to improve continuously. Our strength lies in the training and experience of our highly motivated workforce and its adherence to the intrinsic values of quality and services that we provide.

The company’s core values are encapsulated in:

  • The company’s history and development
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Quality in after-sales service


We are situated in Torre Pacheco, a town in the southeast of the region of Murcia, in the district known as the Campo de Cartagena.

The coast lies a few miles to the east of Torre Pacheco. Its municipal boundaries are, Murcia to the north and west, which also includes Fuente Alamo, Cartagena to the south and San Javier and Los Alcazares to the east. Torre Pacheco extends over 189.4 square kilometers, which is 1.67% of the total land surface area of the region of Murcia. The city of Murcia (capital of the region) is 37 kilometres away.

Is there an airport nearby?
The closest airport is San Javier and it’s only 10 minutes, or 5 kilometres, from Torre Pacheco. Alicante is just under an hour away. There is a taxi service to and from both airports.

Is there a railway station?
Torre Pacheco has its own railway station. It is on the Levante – Centro line. Timetables and services can be readily consulted on www.renfe.com

Company Information

Luis López Maquinaria Agrícola S.L.

Avenida Adolfo Suárez. Polígono Industrial LA HITA.


Tel.: 968 578 347 Fax.: 968 585 032.

SPARES: 968 577 863. E-mail: ventasllma@llma.net

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    We started providing service to the agriculture of Cartagena’s lands over thirty years ago. This is a deep-rooted tradition in our company. We have achieved to establish our company thanks to our effort.